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We are proud to be Middle Tennessee’s premier custom ice carving company. We quote each sculpture individually based on how many blocks it will take to design and the level of detail.

  • 3D sculptures start at $350 per block.

  • Logos or Inscriptions start at $375 per block, color can be added for an additional fee per color.

  • Single track ice luges start at $350.00

  • Double track ice luges start at $400.00

Our starting price for a simple 1 Block 3D sculpture is $350. Most 1 Block 3D or engraved ice sculptures cost between $350-$375 and measure about 3 ft. tall by 3 ft. wide. We can also create large sculptures and displays to accommodate any event.

Ice Sculptures include delivery within 25 miles of Nashville. Display equipment is needed for each ice sculpture and consists of a drip pan, 5-gallon bucket and LED light. We encourage you to save these as they can be reused on future events.

We price our sculptures per block based on the level of detail and difficulty.  

Our blocks measure 40x20 inches. We can combine multiple blocks to create large sculptures and displays.

Our 1 block 3D sculptures are generally 3 ft. tall by 19 inches wide or 3 ft. wide and 2 ft. tall.

Our 1 block logo sculptures are generally 3 ft. tall by 3 ft. wide or 3 ft. wide and 2 ft. tall. This depends on the shape and orientation of your logo.

Human form is the most difficult to sculpt so it is the most expensive.

**Personal checks/cashiers checks/money orders are NOT accepted for payment.

***Delivery persons do not carry or accept cash for payments.


NO REFUNDS once a piece has been delivered 

Canceled Carvings the week of the event will be charged 25% of the invoiced amount.

Please note that any returned check will require a $50 returned check fee along with any fees acquired by Designed Ice from their financial institution.