So a little bit about us...

Designed Ice, LLC opened in 2017 by owners Duane & Melissa.

Duane’s family has a long history of entrepreneurs, Great Grandpa, August Samosky, opened his first bakery in Cleveland, Ohio in 1910.  Duane's Dad & Mom owned and operated L&M Coating in 1980, working late nights in the basement coating and building eyeglasses, which is probably where his late night work ethic began.

Duane, a Master Pastry Chef, and Award winning Ice Carver graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, N.Y. in 1993. After traveling though Europe, Duane has worked at several hotels, resorts and Universities across  the U.S. where he perfected and developed his skills.  Duane is one of only 500 professional ice carvers in the United States, studying under Champion Master Carvers over the last 10+ years.

It was a chance meeting in 2001 while working as a chef that Duane meet his first Champion Ice Carver.  Knowing there are no stupid questions Duane asked if he could learn.  He spent years working full time as an Executive Pastry Chef by day and late nights apprenticing in the art of ice.

Designed Ice was developed after working and training with a variety of Professional Ice Carvers and World Champions from around the world.  Duane has competed in multiple World Ice Art Championships at "Ice Alaska", along with competing in a variety of local and national events.  Always enhancing his skills with some of the very best carvers in the world.

In 2016 Duane had a dream of Designed Ice, to make this a reality he ordered 1000 ink pens with the logo of Designed Ice on them.  He started writing out his dream of having his own ice studio.  The balance part of Duane is his wife Melissa.  She handles the business side of Designed Ice while Duane is in the freezer carving she is in the office keeping the books and taking your orders.  You will get to know her as she works with you and your Designed Ice order.

We believe what you take from the earth needs to be given back.  If you can dream it we can make it within reason.  

Explore the beauty of ice, where art and ice collide at Designed Ice.