Gallery of Carvings

Here you can see a few of the different types of carvings available.

These are pieces we have completed for other clients but don't let these examples limit your designed ice imagintation.



These are designed to chill the liquid for your guest to enjoy.

Not just for adults we have found they are awesome for children’s parties with lemonade and fruit punch, a big hit with the kids.


Food displays

We would love to incorporate your theme or event, help the chefs showcase the food.

These are some of our favorites, let Designed Ice help you think outside the box. “We Live in a Circle”


Center pieces 

Enhance your event with a Designed Ice Sculpture to be at the center of your event.

Or imaging a center piece on each table made of ice.




Yes a bar made out of solid ice

Size is up to you, what are your needs



Imagine the cool reaction from your guests.

Brighten up your holiday party and be the cool one with the fancy Ice display



Do you have a logo, we can put it in Ice for any type of display you may need.